Why Choose Miovision?

Miovision enables communities, cities and agencies to get the most out of their traffic infrastructure.

With solutions that address any traffic problem, the Miovision suite of software, hardware, and all-in-one systems empowers traffic teams with the tools they need to build healthier communities.






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See how Miovision can take your city’s traffic network into the future:

Leading Communities into the Future

We are dedicated to creating new opportunities to solve real-world problems today and in the future. We work alongside cities to provide their citizens and road users with a safer community and better quality of life. We are laying down the foundation for a more sustainable future, continually introducing new products that reduce emissions, improve road safety, and decrease congestion.  We are ever-evolving our internal processes to create future-proof solutions for a safer, healthier, and more complete world.

Real Outcomes for Customer Success

Teamwork makes the dreamwork: we’re not just a cliché, we're the real deal. We don’t just work for customers, we work with you to provide innovative and client-centric solutions. When deep relationships are created, you are empowered to drive traffic innovation forward. With Miovision, someone will always be just a chat, email or phone call away. Our whole team is there to help - including customer support, professional services, technical account managers, data services specialists and a cast of others behind the scenes. When our customers are successful, everyone is successful. Let’s start generating real results together.

Comprehensive Software & Hardware Solutions

Our comprehensive and durable solutions suite include software only, full hardware & software, and portable all-in-one systems. Using the most innovative AI technology, our systems are the most intuitive on the market. Built to withstand extreme conditions and poor visibility situations, our advanced solutions are always reliable. Remotely manage and track your traffic network, safely, anywhere, at any time. Miovision’s solutions will help you create greater efficiency so you can save time and achieve a greater potential impact on your community.

Unmatched Data Transparency

Data is central to planning, building, and optimizing the flow of communities, and we are committed to ensuring our customers and partners are able to collect safer, more accurate information. You have complete control of their own data and can choose to share data with other organizations, such as city departments or academia to quantify average daily traffic and justify funding efforts. Monitor real-time signal telemetry and video data with incredible accuracy, proven in real-life deployments, not just controlled studies.