Miovision TrafficLink

Miovision is focused on solving the real-world traffic problems of today and tomorrow. From innovative hardware and software, to business solutions that are customized to your city, Miovision platform has everything you need for a future-proof investment.

What is Miovision TrafficLink?

TrafficLink allows you to remotely manage and track your traffic network, while also providing industry-leading performance measures and actionable insights.

Flexible and Open Hardware

Start laying the foundation with Miovision TrafficLink hardware. Miovision gives you complete control of your data through an open platform that integrates with existing investments and other traffic technologies. Secure management allows you to monitor, update, and configure every device remotely. And accessible data allows you to create and deploy your own apps using our open API.

Managed Connectivity

Smart cities give priority to the vehicles that need it most to keep citizens safe.

  • Connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) ready
  • Prioritize right-of-way for emergency vehicles and transit
  • Open data API

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