Traffic Optimization & Analytics

Optimize your Traffic Network Performance

Make informed traffic operations decisions with accurate signal performance data from your network.

Traffic signal retiming and maintenance is often prioritized based on citizen complaints or operational deficiencies, leading to suboptimal traffic performance. With real-time data, presented within easy-to-use dashboards, traffic teams can make better decisions, leading to better performance.

  • Optimize signal operations and timing for your network on a continual basis with current data from your network
  • Easily understand and interpret the ATSPM data your traffic network generates - through multiple dashboards
  • Expand the capabilities of your team to leverage the data to optimize traffic efficiency and safety for road users
  • Review traffic patterns year-round to understand the seasonal events that influence the changes and impact the network
  • Decrease travel time, minimize idling, and improve platooning to achieve GHG emissions targets and fuel cost savings

traffic insights generated to date


reduction in the number of field visits


reduced CO2 emissions

Data. Insights. Alerts. Reports.

Miovision Traffop™ identifies traffic problems based on severity and urgency, allowing agencies to dedicate resources to resolve the most impactful issues in their networks in order of priority.

  • 72 unique insights per intersection - proactively identify and prioritize traffic network issues

  • Decrease travel time, minimize idling, and improve platooning to reduce emissions and pollution

  • 17,803,276 insights generated and prioritized across all deployments 

  • Reduce CO2 emissions by up to ~70 tonnes per year per intersection

  • Capacity and progression improvements reduce the delay by 10 seconds per vehicle

  • City of South San Francisco, CA
    City of South San Francisco, CA
  • City of San Ramon, CA
    City of San Ramon, CA
  • City of Gainesville, FL
    City of Gainesville, FL
  • City of Tallahassee, FL
    City of Tallahassee, FL
  • City of Charlotte (NC)
    City of Charlotte (NC)
  • Maricopa County DOT
    Maricopa County DOT

Signal Performance Measures

Miovision Traffop provides 24/7 signal monitoring to identify operational or timing issues, helping traffic departments keep their traffic infrastructure, operations and performance in peak state. With continuous performance data, traffic teams can make data-driven decisions about their traffic network.

  • Measure and visualize the issues present in your traffic network to reduce costs and save time
  • Perform targeted maintenance to tune and troubleshoot traffic intersections
  • Address signal performance problems before they become citizen complaints
  • Access high resolution signal data from existing traffic signals to view and optimize your traffic signal timing parameters
  • Increase safety through data-driven timing plans to achieve a safer environment for vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians or cyclists
  • Empower executives to demonstrate ROI and attract more funds through comprehensive dashboards.