AWS enables Miovision to efficiently and securely scale

Miovision products and solutions are built on and enhanced by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides Miovision’s software platform with a reliable, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure platform. AWS provides data storage through AWS RDS and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), at the edge data collection using AWS IoT Core, data streaming using Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK), container orchestration using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) Built on AWS and computational resources using Amazon EC2. Additionally, Miovision trusts AWS with our data because AWS boasts the most stringent security and compliance standards.

AWS Lambda


Miovision uses AWS Lambda to provide a flexible and cost-effective solution to connect AWS services to one another to meet our unique requirements. Built-in observability means we can deploy with confidence.

Amazon Cloudfront

Global content delivery network

Miovision uses Amazon Cloudfront to serve our products' static content from locations close to our customers so there is minimal latency and fast downloading. Additionally, Amazon Cloudfront helps us improve our security by defending against DDoS attacks.

Amazon Elasticache


Miovision uses Amazon Elasticache across our product families to host highly available and cost-effective Redis clusters that require little hands-on maintenance. With the Amazon-managed update workflow, we are able to keep our instances up-to-date and patched against security problems at all times.

Amazon RDS


Miovision uses Amazon RDS to provide an Aurora Postgres as a relational database in which our product is built on. It provides a secure and fault tolerant data store. Additionally, Allows easy access control management within the AWS account and across accounts.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)


Miovision employs AWS S3 to provide a secure, scalable and cost effective solution to storing raw file data that does not need to be formally ingested into our core data warehouse. AWS S3 is the core location where Miovision retains raw device information like videos and screenshots.

Amazon Route 53

Networking & Content Delivery

Miovision uses Amazon Route 53 to serve external and internal DNS. Route 53 provides a reliable, cost-effective approach to serving DNS, and programmatic access enables new and innovative applications of DNS.

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)


Miovision uses EKS for our Software Platform which is the compute resources that will run all of our product applications. Additionally, we use EKS for our batch processing and CI/CD environment.

AWS IoT Core

Internet of Things

Miovision uses IoT Core as the bedrock for all communications with our remote devices. It provides a secure, reliable method for connecting these devices to the rest of our AWS Infrastructure and provides powerful integrations with other AWS services.

Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)

Networking & Content Delivery

Miovision uses Application Load Balancing to control ingress into our products. With advanced features like Web-Application-Firewall built in, it’s easy to ensure our applications remain protected.

Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK)


Amazon MSK makes it easy to ingest IoT data and process streaming data in real time. Additionally, Amazon MSKs provides the fundamental asynchronous communication layer for the Miovision data platform, allowing our various services to communicate and react to one another.

Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)


Miovision uses Amazon Elastic Container Registry to host Docker images used in all parts of our product, from CI/CD to customer-facing applications. ECR provides a secure, reliable, and easy-to-manage container registry suitable for all applications.

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